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Successful forging of 110t roll ingot by SMCC Shaanxi press

On November 4, the back-up roll produced by SMCC for the 2250mm rolling mill of Handan Iron and steel group was forged, and after the first heat treatment after forging, it was put out of the furnace. The size of each part of the roller in the on-site delivery inspection met the process requirements, and the rough inspection was qualified. This is the supporting roll with the largest forging tonnage and the largest roll body diameter.

The supporting roll is made of 50cr5mov, the weight of the blank is 67.9t, the diameter of the roll body is 1.66M, and the length of the roll body is 2.51M. There are two pieces in total. The first piece is qualified in the blank inspection, the second piece has also been forged, and the post forging heat treatment process is in progress. In the forging operation, measures such as increasing the holding time and improving the forging method are adopted. Close cooperation among various types of work can reduce the auxiliary time of forging and improve the forging efficiency. With the cooperation of many parties, the first large-scale supporting roll forged by 110 ton ingot of SMCC Shaanxi press has successfully completed the forging process after seven fires.

Since September, through the forging of 10 large tonnage backup rolls, the forging process of large-scale rolls of SMCC Shaanxi press has been summarized, improved and improved in practice. The forging tonnage has been gradually increased from 70 tons, 80 tons and 90 tons to 100 tons and 110 tons. The forging times have also been reduced from the original nine fire and ten fire to the present seven fire and eight fire. The equipment capacity and production efficiency of 8000 ton hydraulic press have been obtained Significantly improved.

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