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1、Rollers production capacity

We have a complete manufacturing system including smelting unit, heat treatment unit and testing equipment. Casting steel rollers specification as following

Max diameter, φ1400mm

Max length, 8m

Max net weight, 40T

2、Roll collar production capacity

Material  High carbon semi-steel, alloy semi-steel, graphite steel, alloy cast steel, high chromium steel, etc.

Proprietary technology  Omnidirectional atomizing quenching technology

Max diameter, Ф1600mm

Max length, 1.5m

Max net weight, 10T

3、Machining equipment

We have more than 60 sets of machining equipment. Annual processing capacity can be up to 25,000 tons. The maximal processing net weight of the roll is 50 tons.

Physical and chemical testing equipment

We have professional physical and chemical testing equipment that is imported from Germany. We can finish the following detection by ourselves. Photoelectric direct-Reading spectrometry, ultrasonic flaw detection, metallography, tensile Strength, impact toughness, hardness monitoring etc.

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