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Localization of roll lubricating oil for hot rolling in Qiangang company

Since this year, Qiangang company has vigorously implemented "all excellent lubrication" management, continuously increased oil management, and achieved remarkable results. Recently, the localization of a hot rolling roller lubricating oil has achieved success, which has played a positive role in promoting the further implementation of the all excellent lubricating management.

In the early stage of the hot rolling plant of Qiangang company, referring to other domestic iron and steel enterprises, the lubricating grease of the working roll of the rolling mill adopts shell, total and other foreign famous brands. The performance of these imported oil products is stable, but the price is not cheap. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of the technical level of domestic oil producers, the time for the localization of oil products of Qiangang company has come. However, due to the different lubricants used in rolling mill, they can not be mixed casually, otherwise, after the oils of different component systems are mixed, there will be adverse reactions such as stratification, sedimentation, failure and so on, which will affect the lubrication effect. Therefore, clean the equipment thoroughly with cleaning oil before replacing new oil. However, there are a large number of hot-rolled rolls, and the operation rhythm is tight. It has an unimaginable large workload to thoroughly clean all the bearing packages, which has an impact on the localization of lubricating oil. Relevant technical personnel did not fear difficulties, but actively explored and seriously planned. On the one hand, they carry out feasibility study on standard brother enterprises and domestic well-known petrochemical enterprises, and constantly reserve technical experience through learning lessons and technical exchanges. On the other hand, they actively cooperate with relevant oil suppliers to carry out new oil research and development and oil blending test. In June, after the full preparation, the localization plan of a hot rolling roller grease was successfully put out and quickly entered the field test stage. The domestic oil products in this test can be directly mixed with the original lubricating oil to avoid the trouble of thorough cleaning of the equipment. In the field test, during the test period of more than three months, the staff should keep an eye on the equipment every day, tracking the use of oil and the operation status of the equipment in the whole process. Field test data show that domestic oil products can completely replace imported oil products. The localization of a hot rolling roll oil product can save more than 1 million yuan of cost every year. It also provides experience for the localization of oil products in other fields of Qiangang company and the further implementation of full quality lubrication management.

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